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Who are the reformers in Russia?


 (# 3 in the series of articles «The Anatomy of Reforms in Russia») In fast-paced changing modern world it is crucial to develop state institutions and improve the regulatory policies – or in other words to implement reforms on a constant base. Under the word “reform” I understand every sufficient change made in regulation that affects society, business or state itself. Russian Federation took attempts to establish stable and effective process of conducting regulatory reforms in […]


By the End of 2018 Russia can enter The Top 10 Countries Easiest to Start a Business In. While Russian banks can learn a new mediating function as GR

Starting Biz in Russia

 (# 2 in the series of articles «The Anatomy of Reforms in Russia») On July 16, 2015 in an unremarkable 3-storey building located in the Center of Moscow on Skatertny Lane an important event took place. The bankers, the representatives from the Bank of Russia, Rosfinmonitoring, as well as other authorities came together to discuss the possibility of implementing in Russia the mechanism for online opening bank accounts.


Structural Reforms in Russia not proper Time to Start. Some Options do exist

Venn Diagram Reform

(# 1 in the series of articles «The Anatomy of Reforms in Russia») Because of the rapid changing modern world the Russian Federation needs everyday process of reforming its regulation due to the fact of great control over society and business. In order to prevent social conflicts authorities should monitor system’s bugs and update “programming”.